Give your bike night vision.

When you're caught outside in an early sunset, a small light that keeps you from blending into the dusk is usually enough protection — nothing too bright, just a reminder to motorists of your presence on the road. But if you're routinely heading out knowing the majority of your ride will take place under the stars, seeing where you're riding becomes the primary concern. Knog's Blinder Arc 640 was designed to illuminate the contours of the road or trail in front of you, ensuring that you can ride safely at any time of the day.

Weighing just 150g, the lightweight Blinder Arc packs a powerful 640-lumen punch when you need it, projecting up to 1000m onto the road or singletrack in front of you. Knog keeps things simple, designing the light with three steady modes and one flash option while a low battery indicator lets you know when it's time to recharge so you aren't stuck in the dark mid-ride. When the battery is running low, just plug the entire light into a USB port; Knog integrated the USB plug into the light itself so that you don't have to deal with misplaced cords.

The Blinder Arc attaches easily to handlebars from 25-35mm wide with two silicone straps or a helmet with an included mount. If inclement weather strikes while you're on a ride, the Blinder Arc is 100% waterproof, so you can leave it on your handlebars to light the way home without issue.

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