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When you only have one stand-up paddleboard to share between a family of four, it's a good idea to invest in the Insanity Fiberglass Adjustable Travel Stand-Up Paddle. With 16 inches of adjustability, kids and adults can easily share the same paddle, while the ergonomic Utili-T Grip is coated in rubber to give a comfortable feel that everyone can enjoy. An exceptional lightweight is not only easier for younger kids to handle, but the fiberglass construction gives durable strength that holds up after endless usage. The Fiberglass Fibrlite blade is also notably impact-resistant with the ability to withstand abrasions against rocky shores and the trunk of a fully-packed car. And for performance that the adults can appreciate, the curved PowerARC blade profile creates an early catch for effortless stroke power while the smaller surface area reduces fatigue on longer tours, provides a high cadence, and is gentle on joints and muscles.

  • An adjustable SUP paddle that fits all your needs
  • Super lightweight shaft is easy to hold on longer tours
  • Impact-resistant fiberglass blade is durable and holds strong
  • Smaller blade area is designed for distances and high cadence
  • Curved blade offers an early catch for enhanced stroke power
  • Adjustable length can grow up to 16-inches for easy sharing
  • Ergonomic handle grip coated in rubber for comfort
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