Kate's Real Food Tram Bites
Kate's Real FoodTram Bites

Guard them well.

When you're packed into the tram with the masses, you're going to have to snack carefully on those Kate's Real Food Tram Bites. The sweet smell of honey and peanut butter is wafting towards the hungry teenagers by the window, and the toddler strapped to daddy's back in front of you is eyeing the chocolate pieces. With all these great flavors, plus organic dried raisins, apricots, and sunflowers, you're not sharing this delightful blend of sweet and salty with anyone. Besides, you'll need the oats and rice to fuel your fresh tracks down.

  • Convenient snack for big days at the resort
  • Ingredients are all-natural and organic for your feeding pleasure
  • Four bites-sized pieces offer convenient refueling between runs
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