Katadyn KFT Expedition Filter

Drink up.

Water is the number one backcountry necessity, which makes the Katadyn Expedition Filter worth its weight in gold. Filtering at a whopping gallon per minute, the Expedition Filter keeps you and your crew hydrated with pure aqua after a tough day of making miles. With a cartridge life of 26,000 gallons, you're more likely to need an oil change (or a new car) before you go thirsty.

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Best Group and Survival Water Filter

    Features a ceramic plate that filters up to 26,000 gallons of water before requiring a replacement and pumps out drinkable water in one gallon per minute.

    It's the preferred filter for emergency relief groups, extreme trekkers, and family emergency kits as it is easily portable and can save a small community of lives.

    Buying for the military, a non profit, or other service group? Give me a call and let me help get you set up with extra special savings.

    how will it work on brackish water or salty...

    how will it work on brackish water or salty water

    Filters will not work with salt water, you have to desalinate the water.