Ingenious innovation for backcountry exploration.

Representing the next step in splitboard evolution, the Karakoram Prime Interface Kit was designed to take your backcountry riding to the loftiest heights. This system delivers unprecedented ease of use, fast changeover between riding and touring, and an incredibly responsive feel when you're charging steep chutes, open bowls, and tree-lined terrain. The Prime Interface Kit comes with everything you need to mount Karakoram Prime Splitboard bindings, making it a great choice for those looking to expand their splitboard quiver without the hassle of swapping set-ups. Note that Karakoram board clips are required for this interface to work, and are sold separately.

Starting with the brand new Solid Ride board attachment, you'll find the Prime Interface offers more stance options (-30° to 30°) and improved ergonomics. Four wide, pre-loaded contact points direct energy to the edges for unmatched response and edge control. This design eliminates seam slop for solid board feel, allowing you to rip the steepest, gnarliest lines without unnerving board chatter.

Another innovation with the Prime Interface is the new Flip-Speed Riser with heel lock. This feature ditches traditional climbing wires for a two-height riser that deploys with the simple flick of your pole basket. Engage the short riser for mellow approaches or flip up the tall riser during steeper, more demanding ascents. Additionally, you'll find a heel lock-down feature that's ideal for skating through long flats and side-stepping small hills. This lock-down has a load equivalent to DIN 6 to 8.

Specializing in efficiency, this interface uses Karakoram's Tour Mode equipped with a quick release touring bracket and Power-Link activation lever for quick transitions from touring to riding. In fact, you don't even need to take your foot out of your binding when transferring between touring and riding, making the whole process take less than two minutes (includes removing skins and packing gear). Best of all, the Prime Interface has no moving parts, so you never have to worry about losing key components in the snow.

  • Included: Solid-Ride attachment, Flip-Speed Risers w/heel lock, Tour Mode interface, mounting hardware
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Voile Chinese clips (Karakoram clips only)
  • Made in Washington, USA
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Can the old Karakoram bindings be upgraded with the new prime kit? Actually, I'd rather sell my 2014's and buy the new 2015's, but I was just curious. By the time you spend the money to upgrade, you might as well buy the new bindings. Besides, the new 2015's are SO rad, just from the videos.

You can use the same touring bracket and use the heel risers but the ride mode interface is totally different. I really like the heelrisers. I did have to remove the heel locking piece though.

Prime Interface Overview.

Nice overview of Karakoram's Prime Interface.