Ignite your freestyle passion.

True to its illuminating namesake, the K2 Women's Lime Light Snowboard shines a light on your freestyle skills when you're buttering, jibbing, and spinning through the park. The Lime Lite is developed with extensive input from the K2 Women's Alliance, which is a women's-specific testing and feedback group working with K2 since 2003. This makes the Lime Light a true women's board, seeing it's actually designed with extensive input from lady rippers, instead of relying solely on male product managers and engineers to formulate what's best for women.

Because of this extensive feedback loop, you'll find the Lime Light is incredibly intuitive to ride with its Rhythm wood core developed exclusively for ladies, in conjunction with Carbon Torque Forks extending to each contact point for a bit more snappiness and stability on landings. Since it's designed for freestyle and park riding, it's happiest playing around on jibs, hitting small-to-medium jumps, and making mellow carves down the mountain.

The Twin Rocker profile is predominately flat underfoot, which allows you to lock into carves and take-off from jumps and freestyle features with stability. At the tip and tail, K2's Tweekend rocker uplifts the contact points for a bit more forgiving feel. This rocker is a bit different than many companies, as K2 extends the tip and tail kicks with a smooth, continuous radius arc after the rocker zone. What this does is elongate the tip and tail, giving you a bigger platform for buttering and pressing, as well as alleviating any catch on landings and take-offs.

  • Mellow-flexing freestyle board for jibs and jumps
  • Female-specific design developed by K2's Women's Alliance
  • Flat profile underfoot for stability and predictable carves
  • Tweekend rocker at tips creates a looser, catch-free feel
  • Rhythm wood core for lightweight feel, reduced swing weight
  • Carbon Torque Forks amplify the board's snap and stability
  • Extruded base makes it easy to repair and low maintenance
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