K2 Snowboards Lil Kandi Snowboard - Little Girls'

Only the beginning.

Introduce your little girl to the wonderful world of snowboarding with the K2 Little Girls' Lil Kandi Snowboard. Built with kid-friendly features to get her hooked on shredding at a young edge, this board's super-soft flex and Catch-Free profile add up to less falling and more learning, which means more fun for both parents and kids alike.

Crafted strictly for little kids, the Noodle construction has a super-soft and lightweight feel that's makes it easier for her to control and maneuver her board. A centered stance can be ridden the same both ways in case she hasn't figured out whether she's goofy or regular yet. The Catch-Free baseline profile is mostly flat with lifted contact points at the tip and tail that get the edges off the snow so she can dial in those heelside turns without ending up with a mouthful of snow after every attempt. Be warned though, once she starts snowboarding on the Lil Kandi, she may never want to stop.

  • Catch-Free Rocker (flat underfoot, minimal rocker tip and tail)
  • Twin shape
  • Noodle construction
  • Biax wrap
  • 2000 extruded base
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