Very real protection.

In your kid's quest to be a pro skier or snowboarder, there will be quite a few bumps to the noggin along the way. Protect his or her developing brain while on the slopes with the K2 Kids' Illusion Helmet. In-mold construction features EPS foam fused directly to a polycarbonate shell for impact-protection that's so light, he or she will forget it's even there. The K2Dialed fit system is adjustable for a comfy and secure fit, and Passive-Channel venting channels air directly between your kid's head and helmet to keep him or her cool and dry. The liner is washable so you can keep it smelling fresh, and side goggle retention clips keep goggles in place so your kid doesn't get blinded when practicing 540s.

  • In-mold construction (EPS fused to polycarbonate shell)
  • Passive-Channel venting
  • K2Dialed fit system
  • Washable full-wrap liner system
  • Side goggle retention clips
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