Elara OTG Snowtiger Photochromic Goggle

It's hard enough trying to find a goggle that works with your prescription glasses, but then you factor in changing weather conditions that have you switching lenses three times a day and the whole process becomes a huge headache. If you're looking for an easy solution to optical annoyances then the Julbo Elara OTG Snowtiger Photochromic Goggle is the thing for you. This innovative goggle features Julbo's photocromic Snowtiger lens, which responds to changes in the weather to give you the optimal visual performance based on conditions. On overcast powder days your lenses will be nice and clear, and on bright bluebird days you'll have plenty of shade.

With crystal clear optical quality and a wide spherical lens you'll be able to see every obstacle up and down the mountain, and thanks to the eyeglass compatibility your vision won't have to be sacrificed. Dual-layer face foam keeps your face comfortable and wicks moisture, while the anti-fog coating and frame vents ensure that things won't cloud up when you start to work hard on bump runs or trips to the trees.

  • This innovative goggle responds to light conditions on the slopes
  • Photocromic lens performs in both sunny and overcast weather
  • Eyeglass compatibility helps keep your vision sharp
  • Wide field of vision helps you keep obstacles in sight
  • Integrated venting and anti-fog treatment keep things clear
  • Symmetrical adjustment ensures an ideal fit all day long
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