• Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - One Color
    Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - Topsheet
    Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - Base
  • Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - One Color
  • Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - Topsheet
  • Jones Snowboards - Ultracraft Splitboard - Base
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Jones Snowboards Ultracraft Splitboard

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Tech Specs

Responsible Collection:
152cm, 156cm, 160cm
Directional Rocker (hybrid rocker camber flex pattern)
directional rocker
medium stiff (7 of 10 on Jones' scale)
Effective Edge:
[152cm] 1191mm, [156cm] 1225mm, [160cm] 1257mm
Waist Width:
[152cm] 254mm, [156cm] 260mm, [160cm] 264mm
Sidecut Radius:
[152cm] 8.9m, [156cm] 9.3m, [160cm] 9.5m
Stance Width:
[152cm] 21.2in, [156cm] 22in, [160cm] 22.8in
Stance Setback:
Ultra-Iso Core
2x TeXtreme Carbon
recycled abs
Traction Tech
Sintered Ultra Base
Hardware Included:
Karakoram Ultra Clips (Bolt-less Bridge)
Recommended Rider Weight:
[152cm] 110-150lbs, [156cm] 120-170lbs, [160cm] 140-190lbs
Recommended Use:
all-mountain, powder

Ultracraft Splitboard

Featherweight on the way up, rock solid on the descent, the Jones Ultracraft Splitboard is designed for crushing high alpine assaults, bottomless powder runs, and steep, technical lines. Its incredibly lightweight construction allows you to venture deeper into the backcountry with less effort, while its solid build and floaty design help you check off lines you've been dreaming about for years.

Camber underfoot provides edge hold and stability on packed snow and sketchy skin tracks, while a long rockered nose keeps it afloat effortlessly in powder and the short tail makes it highly maneuverable in deep snow. Looking inside this hard-charging split, the Ultra ISO-Core shaves serious weight for the long skin up, without sacrificing structural integrity. This triple-density wood core is reinforced with ISO-Core, which is a foam-fiberglass composite that's as stiff as any wood, except 15% lighter. Plus, it's reinforced with hardwood stringers along the edges for increased impact-resistance and powerful response. Trusted by road biking pros, TeXtreme carbon fiber is incredibly 20-30% lighter than traditional carbon fibers, yet doesn't sacrifice stiffness or strength.

Bolt-Less Bridge technology thickens the core at the clips so Jones doesn't have to drill all the way through the board to anchor the clips. Not only does this provide a more powerful connection, it also increases torsional stiffness for a more stable ride on seriously steep slopes. Trusted by World Cup ski racers, the Ultra base is faster and tougher than any other base you've ever experienced. Another important feature is Traction Tech along the inside and outside edges. These small serrations substantially increase edgehold when you're skinning up icy skin tracks and shredding down icy, hardpacked terrain.

  • Ultralight split that glides over the deepest snow
  • TeXtreme carbon construction for ultralight performance
  • Stiff flex for power, edge hold, and precision
  • Traction Tech edges enhance grip on way up or down
  • Fusion Tech replaces topsheet with durable and light epoxy
  • Recycled edges and sidewalls reduce waste
  • Quick Tension Tail Clip for easy skin attachment
  • Includes Karakoram Ultra clips and tip and tail hooks

Not lightweight at all

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I purchased this board because Jones promised it to be "one of the lightest splitboards on the planet" and Backcountry says it is "featherweight on the way up" and I was sold and wanted to shave weight for long tours. The theory of every 1 lb. on your foot is like 4lbs. on your back being part of this rationale. Also, I have an ultracraft solid and it's a great board in pow and groomers and I wanted a more pow-oriented splitboard. I also have the Jones Solution (2015) and it has been a great board. Funny thing is that despite being about half the cost, the solution is lighter than the ultracraft split. For $1,500 this thing should be much lighter than what it is. For all of the promised "tech" it falls significantly short. As far design and performance goes, it is indeed a pow machine that also does incredible well in crust and chunder which is great. There are times when I'm riding though when I feel the weight of this thing. Quick edge to edge transitions feel a bit slower and again, on the uphill this thing is HEAVY. I've heard from numerous people (including folks on this thread) that the board has delaminated or cracked rendering it unusable. My theory is that lightweight carbon they initially put into the board in earlier iterations was prone to breaking and therefore had to beef the thing up by either taking carbon out and adding thicker wood or layering more carbon. Anyone from backcountry have thoughts on this? Either way, this board is not as promised in the lightness category and for the money, I'm pretty damn disappointed. In the future, backcountry should mandate that companies list the actual weight of the board and or companies like Jones should have the integrity to do so themselves. This board is not as advertised.

Hang it on the Wall.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I received an Ultracraft when my Hovercraft delamed after less than a season (I had to cover the difference in price). Was initially stoked, but that quickly soured, when the board snapped on the first day of a three week long trip to Iceland. What’s worse is when I reached out to jones, I was told they don’t ship to Iceland and there was nothing they could do (I wasn’t asking for a warranty, just a board to get me through the rest of the trip). Even worse, I was told that I was too big for the board. At 6 feet, 190 pounds on the 160, I found that pretty shocking.

Hang it on the Wall.

show horse not work horse

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I just warrantied my second Jones carbon board, the first one delaminated around 60 tours, the second broke a sidewall after barely 30 tours. The flashy carbon topsheet is extremely fragile, it had scratches on it before it left the living room, it also looks really tempting to steal from your ski rack. The profile, weight and general concept of these boards are great, but the moment the topsheet starts to delaminate from even the most minor abrasion, snow begins to pack beneath it and accelerate the process exponentially. I appreciate the replacement warranty, but after breaking two boards with normal use I’m hesitant to rely on these in the BC and that doesn’t include the environmental impact of going through a board every season. I would recommend giving Jones a few more years to refine the construction quality before dropping 1500$ on one, or trusting your life on it ten miles from the trailhead.

show horse not work horse

Experienced that failure first hand in northern Iceland. Huge disappointment on a dream trip.

Experienced that failure first hand in northern Iceland. Huge disappointment on a dream trip.

The Ferarri of splitboards

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have never owned a Ferarri, but one can imagine. Light, fast, agile, and a true fighter. The Ultracraft splitboard brought new life to my riding. It floats like a cork in a storm. Little bunny drops in the powder have never been more fun; the board fights back up to the surface and keeps you balanced. The board has a surfy feel to it that I consider playful as a new puppy. On the way up, it is a beast. It is short and light; the switch backs come and go with ease.

By far the most fun I have had on a board.

I loved it so much I broke it, and Jeremy Jones honored the warranty and replaced my favorite thing. I bought the board on Back Country.com. BC.com did not help really with the warranty, claimed not their business.

Top of the mountain

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

If your after a timeless shape and top of the line touring performance this is your cup of tea.

Top of the line quality and design

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I got this splitboard for my boyfriend for Christmas and he was thrilled. He went from riding a Voile splitboard that was in his opinion pretty good to riding this one and being blown away by the weight (or lack thereof), the brilliant design of the transition components, and overall quality. The ride feels equivalent to his resort board. He says it's totally worth the cost (even though he didn't pay for it).

Backcountry Big Lines

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Board: Ultracraft Split 156cm
Rider Weight: 180lbs
Rider Height: 6'0''
Rider Boot Size: 10
Quiver Position: Split Board

My ideal quiver includes:
Powder / Freeride-Freestyle / All-Mountain / Party or Jib / Split Board

For me the Ultracraft split is a do everything type split in the backcountry. I mean, no one goes out in search or hardpack and ice when touring and but if you find yourself doing some splitboard mountaineering and the conditions are variable, this is a great board to have.

A Dream for touring:
I've ridden the Ultracraft and loved it. It had a better feel to it than the Hovercraft, I'd describe it as a more precise feel. Like the Hovercraft, it rode super well in deeper snow, with the nose almost impossible to sink.... it just wants to pop back up to the surface that to the wide rockered nose. It also handles tight chutes and steep slopes well.

This is where things get wonky. I've rode a 156cm Ultracraft and enjoyed it a ton, for splitboarding this is where I should size up even more to the 160cm Ultracraft split. But sizing Hovercraft/Ultracraft splits can be tricky.

Board Selection:
There are a range of board options and this one might be for you....and it might not. Let's chat to make sure. We can also talk shop on boot, binding and board combos and how each part of the set up effects the others for your specific situation.

I'd encourage you to hit me up via email - jdowns@backcountry.com
(this way I'll get these during off hours)