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The Jones Ultracraft Splitboard is constructed to slay the seemingly impossible, hard-to-reach backcountry lines, where every ounce effects the long uphill skin. As such, the Ultracraft Splitboard is nearly a pound lighter (about 25% less) than the comparable Hovercraft Split, thanks to Jones' top-secret Ultra Construction. This construction technique eliminates all excess weight by combining extensive carbon reinforcement with an Ultra ISO-Core.

Defying the pervasive logic that lighter construction yields a weaker board, the Ultracraft Splitboard's rock-solid demeanor is proven by the pros. You'll find its slightly tapered directional shape and Directional Rocker profile enhance float on the deepest days, without sacrificing edgehold or straight-line stability. Plus, Mellow Magne-Traction along the inside and outside edges enhance its ability to side-hill on ascents and carve steep hardpack on the way down.

Its brand-new Ultra ISO-Core shaves weight by combining stringers of ISO-Core, which is a foam/fiberglass composite, with beech stringers along the edges for beefed-up durability. Textreme carbon shaves even more weight, saving 20-30% compared to conventional carbon, but without sacrificing the board's snappy-light feel and torsionally responsive flex. Add in a brand new Sintered Ultra Base that's infused with fluoro and paraffin-based additives for unparalleled glide and durability in widely variable backcountry conditions.

  • Slightly tapered directional shape (11mm taper)
  • Quick Tension Tail notch (for climbing skins)
  • Directional Rocker profile
  • Jones' Ultra Construction
  • Ultra ISO-Core
  • Textreme Carbon
  • Mellow Magne-Traction
  • Oversized recycled edges
  • Recycled ABS sidewalls
  • Sintered Ultra Base
  • Karakoram clips
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Great Split

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have only taken this baby out a couple tours as I got it at the end of the season, but so far my first impressions are super solid. It's ridiculously light, but still burly to handle the steeps and deeps on way down. The hovercraft shape floats great in powder but still holds edge well in crud and variable snow. Can't wait for more fun on it next season

Can I just use my G3 split skins or do I have to buy Jones skins.

Hey Brandon, you can use your g3 skins with it. The Jones are slightly lighter, but the g3 will work great too. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any other questions. 1-800-409-4502 x 4775 or

Jones Ultracraft Splitboard

Directional Rocker explained by Jeremy Jones

Jones Ultracraft Splitboard

How much does the 160 weigh?
I have the 2015 and I'm curious how much lighter the 2016 version is...

2830 grams

Thanks for getting that info. The ad copy states this board is lighter than the 2015. I have the 2015 and it weighs 2812 grams.

From Jones's site "New for 2016, the Ultracraft is lighter than ever thanks to the ULTRA ISOcore that has ultralight yet dimensionally stable stringers of ISOcore foam/fiberglass composite layered within the wood core. "

There's of course variation per board, but it looks like it's about the same weight year-over-year. Truth in advertising issue?

Regardless the board is an awesome performer for the weight. I'm just not sure why the exaggeration is necessary to market it.


There's no exaggeration here, the Ultracraft Split is weighing in at 2830 Grams (On Average) which is about an ounce shy of being 1 full pound lighter than the Hovercraft Split; which is weighing in (On Average) at 3250 Grams. That being said, the Ultracraft is in fact one of the lightest split boards on the market! Sounds like you probably knew that already :)

Yes, but I'm not comparing Ultracraft vs. Hovercraft, I'm interested in Ultracraft 2015 vs. Ultracraft 2016. Jones's marketing is clearly saying that the 2016 is "lighter than ever in 2016 due to x, y, z". I'm saying the 2016 Ultracraft is no lighter than the 2015 Ultracraft, and in my case the 2016 is actually slightly heavier, although of course individual boards will vary. Again, awesome board, just no reason to falsely claim the 2016 is lighter than the 2015, when that's not true.

Ultracraft Split.

Check it out. Starts at 3:30.