You won’t find faster.

All the squats and training miles in the world won’t give you the same speed advantage as swapping out your heavy, flexy wheels for a superlight set of hoops like the Industry Nine Pillar Carbon Ultralite 29in Wheelset. All the tech in the Pillar Carbon Ultralite makes it kinda hard to explain without an advanced engineering degree, but one fact is indisputable: they’re damn light.

To cut weight and boost strength and stiffness, I9 teamed up with Reynolds to build every part of the wheel differently, from the materials to the spokes to the rims. Each part of the wheel has a special carbon layup for the perfect strength to weight ratio and amazing ride quality, and the wheels are tubeless ready, as you’d expect. Instead of steel, Industry Nine opted to make the spokes from aluminum, which cuts grams and, in a design twist, features a thicker thread area for added strength and stiffness. If that’s not enough, the spokes thread directly into the hub—no nipples here—for a super-stiff on-rails ride and simple truing.

In the middle of it all is Industry Nine’s new Torch hub, which provides near-instantaneous acceleration via 120 points of powerful contact and three-degree engagement. The Torch also been optimized for seriously reduced drag, so every pedal stroke is virtually friction free.

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