Hagan Ski MountaineeringUltra Binding

Gear up for the races.

Weighing just 110 grams per foot, your Hagan Ski Mountaineering Ultra Bindings were made for speed. These ultralight aluminum bindings optimize efficiency on the uphill and hold you in securely while you're booking it back down to the bottom. Monolink technology uses springs only on one side of the toe, lowering weight and increasing clamping stiffness. The easy entry system features a responsive and powerful closure that can be quickly done with a pole tip and the polymer wheel bearing makes for quick and easy toe locking. The semi-locked position is strong enough to avoid releases on less technical climbs, saving you a few seconds on your transitions. 

  • A race-ready ski binding to dominate the uphill
  • Ultralight yet sturdy aluminum construction
  • Monolink technology lowers weight and increases clamping stiffness
  • Easy entry system for quick on and off
  • Polymer wheel bearing lets you easily lock and unlock the toe
  • Crampon slots for easy application
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