GrivelTau Wire Lock Carabiner

Grivel's done it again.

Grivel stunned climbers everywhere with the innovative Twin Gate locking carabiners, and the Tau Wire Lock Carabiner continues to amaze. Its wire gate locks the secondary straight gate so you can use it for anchors and belays, and you can unlock it just like you'd clip a rope through a regular carabiner. This feature adds a lot of convenience when you're eagerly clipping anchors during a redpoint, so there's no more fumbling around with screw gates, twist gates, or the quadruple lockers that take so long to unlock that you start shaking.

  • Grivel's innovative locking carabiner gets a lighter wire gate
  • Wire-lock system is similar to Grivel's innovative Twin Gate
  • Keylock nose eliminates snagging
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