GrivelLambda HMS Twin Gate Carabiner

Opposite and opposed.

Grivel's Lamba HMS Twin Gate Carabiner is designed to provide the security of a screwgate without the, well, screwgate. Instead, it offers two gates that open on different axes and in different directions, giving you the safety of "opposite and opposed" in one convenient 'biner. The Lambda's pear-shaped design makes it perfect for belaying and good for building anchors, and it's slightly lighter than most screwgates, too, if you're in the habit of counting ounces.

  • Aluminum
  • Twin gate design
  • Pear shaped
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Unsung hero of locking carabiners

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

• Simple to use(with little practice)
• Light for its size
• Not expensive
• Silly name
• Could be cheaper
• On your unluckiest, worst day when the moon aligns with Venus it *might* land just right on just the right shape rock and "unlock" temporarily to be only a normal carabiner. How rare is this? It is more likely your Magnetron will freeze or jam (rare!).
Will this ever be the norm for locking carabiners? Probably not. Should it? Yes (IMHO). There is no question I would rather carry these than a typical screwgate. It’s only real competition is the Magnetron. Given the simplicity of the design, the Grivel should become cheaper than the Magnetron. It is stronger (30kN major vs 24 kN) and it’s lighter (2.5 vs 3 oz). You do the math…

Uses: belaying, anchor point

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