GrivelG20 Plus Crampon

Lightweight workhorses.

When you're facing a huge wall covered with gorgeous patches of glistening ice, the Grivel G20 Plus Crampons will help you with the send. Built for cascading ice and dry-tooling, these monopoint crampons are the perfect way to take on technical ice routes with security and confidence. Design to be light and agile, the G20s attach to your technical boots via toe-bail and rear heel-bail for stable wear but easy on and off. These crampons come with a convenient replaceable front point, so you can always keep you gear sharp and easily remove parts for cleaning. Each front point is also down-turned slightly, which helps reduce calf fatigue and helps you mixed-climb with precision. And with added central points, descending will feel more stable and natural, so you can worry about other important maneuvers instead of whether or not your foot will slip.

  • Lightweight and durable crampons for sending mixed ice routes
  • Steel construction for sharp, precise contact
  • Down-turned front points reduce calf fatigue
  • Replaceable front points for easy cleaning and sharpening
  • Toe and heel bail attachment for step-in style compatibility
  • Central points improve stability on descents
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