GrivelG20 Crampons

The next step on technical ice.

The Grivel G20 Crampons use a minimal yet aggressive design to give you an edge on steep ice and mixed terrain. The third points point backward to help you hook pillars and keep you locked in on overhanging rock. Grivel went with a full step-in design for speed and security.

  • The G20s are hot-drop-forged for incredible toughness and durability
  • Compact design weighs in at just 794 grams per pair for easy storage and transport
  • Inverted points help grip on different terrain and features
  • Tool-free adjustment
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G20 on a TlT!


THE technical crampon for a TLT!

    The current G20 is literally THE crampon for anyone using the TLT ski boots to climb in. The crampon has been upgraded several times from my first pair a few years ago and is now more reliable and it climbs better. I love this crampon on technical ground! Jared's picture pretty much tells it all.

    Will the G12 fit the TLT5?

    G20 in action

    G20 in action

    G20 in action

    G20 in action

    stainless? Sorry, no way.

      Who wrote this product description? Grivel doesn't make a stainless crampon.

      Nice copy?

        Many of the advantages of the Dart but doesn't collapse for packing and the toe bails don't fit as many boots and the Petzl originals. They climb very well just as the Dart does.

        Other than the mono-point, they're a different beast all together when compared to the Dart. The center linkage is rigid when kicking hard ice, which causes far less bounce than semi-rigid crampons, ie the Dart, G-14, Cyborgs. It's also the lightest vertical crampon on the market.... The G-20 does walk well as it does have a single pivit point, but it is designed for hard ice. I've tried most of the vertical crampons on the market and the G-20's are the best monopoint I've used, hands down. The fact that it eliminates the "bounce" when kicking hard ice is awesome.

        I'll stand by my original statement on the 2011 version. The 2012 version is a different beastie. New and more relaible connecting bar (recently) and the added mini front point (past) add a great deal of flexibility. They don't fit some of the newest boots all that well, (Phantom series for instance) but the TLT series and the Spantik are a perfect fit out of the box. For those two boots my favorite crampon.