GrivelG14 Crampon

Steep ice and burly mixed routes are a walk in the park for the Grivel G14.

The incredible versatility and supreme technical performance of the Grivel G14 Crampon make it a favorite for steep ice climbing and burly alpine ascents. Its two vertical front points have excellent ice penetration, and hot-forging makes them strong enough to stand up to repeated bashings on too-thin ice. The G14 Crampon can also be configured with a mono point for mixed and highly technical ice climbing—no extra parts required.

  • Can be set up with single or dual front points
  • Anti-balling plates included
  • Hooded front point increases shear resistance in steep snow
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Never Felt So Safe

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I have been using these in place of my G10 crampons for a little bit more committing terrain and have to say I couldn't be more pleased. Naturally, the steel made by Grivel is wonderful and makes it so that you know that you'd have to take a jackhammer to them to actually damage them. The anti-balling plates are a must in my opinion to keep snow from balling up and ruining your day. And for those interested in progressing their ice skills, it is handy that the front points can be swapped out and turned into a mono-point.

I have taken these up Mt. Hood and onto Rainier this year and couldn't be more stoked on how the performed, definitely my go to when the terrain gets spooky.

Solid Crampons

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I haven't gotten to use these on real ice/technical terrain much yet so I can't fully comment, but I did mess around on mild slopes and ice berms by the parking lot and have been very happy with them. Super solid with La Sportiva Nepals and my Dynafit boots. Excited to get to use them on real ice soon.

Built to last

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Burly crampon, works well in a variety of terrain. I prefer a monopoint for brittle ice and mixed climbing, but these get the job done everywhere else. Grivel definitely makes a quality product.

Good on vertical ice

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Pretty standard crampon for a beginner or intermediate ice climber. If you're tired of borrowing / renting these are a nice option. I adjusted them for my wife to use with ease. Not a super experienced climber myself and I don't have a lot of comparisions to make but I will say these will fit boots up and past a 46. I've always needed an extender on BD crampons but I do not on these which is nice.

Is it possible to use the G14 front with the G12 back? I want to upgrade my G12s to something more suitable for vertical ice.

Hi Joindc!

Great to hear from you, thanks for reaching out to us with your question!

It is entirely possible to switch these but that is not recommended by the manufacturer.

Need more info/beta? Want help getting geared up for your next adventure? Feel free to reach out to me directly @

My first piece of ice climbing equipment

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I got these about a year ago. Been climbing here in Alaska. These crampons are amazing. Great for glacier travel as well as climbing up to WI6 so far. I went from the double points to a single point and that makes dry tooling so much better also. Ive never had a malfunction with these and love that the front points are replaceable. The anti-bot system also works great: my first pair of borrowed cramps didnt have that and they definately got packed with snow.

Will these fit Salewa Pro Guide boots? Also, can they work for walking on glaciers as well?


Thanks for your question and giving us a chance to work with you!

These will defintiely fit the Pro Guides and you can use them for walking on Glaciers as well but they're a little bit overkill for glacier walking. These are designed for Mixed and Ice climbing at a reasonably high level of difficulty. That being said though you could really use these for any kind of snow or ice climbing.

Need more info/beta? Want help getting geared up for your next adventure? Feel free to reach out to me directly @

Will these attach to Atomic Waymaker 110's (Mono: 26.5)? I'll be hiking a ravine with variable ice and snow conditions.


These should fit on those boots with no problem. If you have any other questions or would like to get an order set up contact me at the info below:

Dan Gates

Expert Gearhead

Office: 800-409-4502 ext. 4491

Will the new matic bindings fit the la...

Will the new matic bindings fit the la sportiva batuara 2.0's?

You would probably be better off going with a full step-in with the Sportiva Batura's since you have both the tow and the heel welt on those boots. That doesn't mean that this hybrid version wouldn't also work, its just you will not have the extra security of a full step in with the hybrid.

What size boots will these crampons...

What size boots will these crampons fit?

These crampons will fit a size 36-47 boot or s US 4.5 - 13. If you need additional length for larger boots you can always get a set of Grivel Long Bars.

They will fit a bout 2 up to size 11 with the supplied bars.

Stable and reliable

The G14 is a standard for vertical ice and has stable front and secondary points to fight the pump on longer routes. Photo is on the second pitch of the Ames Ice Hose (WI5, M6), outside of Telluride, CO.

Stable and reliable

Hello, How would these fit on a Lowa...


How would these fit on a Lowa Mountain expert GTX boot? In addition to vertical climbs, do they perform well for more general mountaineering?

Best Answer

These crampons will fit fine on the Lowa Mountain Expert boots because the boots are a stiff mountain boot with both toe and heel welts to accommodate for a step-in crampon, such as the G14 Cramp-o-matic. These crampons have reinforced vertical front points, so they can climb vertical ice with solid bite, but are versatile enough for general mountaineering as well. They may be a bit heavy for general glacier travel but would perform well as an alpine climbing crampon that can be used in a variety of terrain.

Cramp o matic system

Hi! You can send the items by express...


You can send the items by express mail in Russia?



Best Answer

Hey Dennis, no offense but Russia makes it really hard to ship to since they put a lot of restrictions on what they will accept across their boarders. What can be shipped is based on where it was manufactured. Since about 98% of the stuff we sell is manufactured in a country that Russia will now allow, we are forced to not risk it and we just do not ship to Russia. Sorry.

Solid Crampons

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I've been ice climbing for 3 years now and have only once had a problem with these crampons. They fit nice and tight on the boots (if you size them correctly). Although another reviewer has mentioned that they have had trouble on vertical ice with the front points not being long enough, I have never had that impression. I love that the front points can be changed from mono to dual point or replaced when needed. The only time I ever had a problem with these is during a multi-pitch waterfall climb where the front bracket popped out and my right crampon came off halfway up the second pitch. Back on the ground though, it was super easy to put the crampon back together (had "broken" into 4 pieces upon hitting the ground) even with my frozen stubby fingers. Would I buy these again a second time? Absolutely.

Many uses.

Many uses.

These are on the La Sportiva Nepal Evo

These are on the La Sportiva Nepal Evo

How is the fit on the Nepals? Is there any play?

Nope nice and tight!

Upward in the G14s

Upward in the G14s


    Have used these for 4 seasons of east coast ice, they are easy to adjust, solid on the feet, and durable. Sharpen the front points once a season and they have been good to go. Not sure about other reviews stating these aren't for vertical ice, I mean, I don't get crazy out there, climb up to WI4, and these things do great. You can get a little more exposure of the front points if you move the toe bail back a hole. Bail is a little selective in the boots it fits, they are much more solid on the Nepal Evos than they my old Mad Rock ice boots. If they fit your boots, nothing better.