GrivelG10 Crampon

Versatile, fully-adjustable, and inexpensive, the G10 will take you up no matter what.

Grivel designed its G10 Crampon for a wide range of uses whether you're mountaineering, ski touring, trekking, traveling across glaciers, or keeping an extra pair for a beginning buddy. Made with Cro-Moly steel, the G10 is lightweight and flexible so it won't add much weight to your pack on an alpine adventure. Its New-Classic attachment system is so easy that Grivel debated whether or not it needed instructions. All you have to do is open the durable Zytel Dupont plastic harness, slide your boot in, and secure it tightly with one pull. This aspect, along with the inexpensive price, makes the G10 an excellent crampon for beginners and experts.

Another fantastic feature on the G10 is the Active anti-balling system. This system clears snow from your foot every step you make so you get maximum traction on every slippery slope and security when you need it most. With two front points and minimal points underneath the G10, this crampon will suit children and others with smaller feet who don't require as many points as big-footed people. The G10 is fully adjustable thanks to its flex bar, but it doesn't fold over on itself when it comes time to stash it in your pack.

  • Cro-Moly steel
  • New-Classic or New-Matic attachment system
  • Zytel DuPont harness
  • Active anti-balling system
  • Two front points
  • Flex bar
  • One size fits all
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  • Q & A

Great for hiking up and down glaciers

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

I got the New-Classic Wide G10s. These worked great with my size 11 Merrell Phaserbound Mid WP hiking boots on a summer backpacking trip to Lyell Glacier. They did a great job on snow, ice and rocks. I did not have to constantly re-adjust them and was pleased with how well they worked for me.

Up to some serious work

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

At first I was concerned the construction would not withstand a rigorous winter ascent of Mt Blanc. Not only were the crampons great on the ice and snow, they easily withstood the beating they took on exposed rock. Easy to take on and off in cold conditions. Excellent value.

Hi -would like advised on classic vs matic.

My boots are Keen Durand model, size 11.

Will use for snowfield crossings in the Grand Tetons this summer.

Hey Patrick, so the boots that you are currently using will not be compatible with matic crampons because they lack the rear welt for the heel bail to attach. Therefore you are only able to use the classics. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me directly via the information listed above.

Perfect for Snowboard boots

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These things are great. Fit perfect with my size 9 snowboard board... light and reliable. Stayed on perfect whenever I used them. Defiantly adds trust and security when skiing big lines....New Classic style. Fits nicely in touring pack.

Are the new classic bindings any good w/ rigid mountaineering boots? If possible, I want the 1 set of crampons for use w/ both La Sportiva Nepals and my regular Vasque winter hiking boots.

Hey Adam, what are you using these crampons for on your Nepals? If you are simply doing mountaineering and not ice climbing/mixed mountaineer the classics will work for both boots. If you are ice climbing/mixed mountaineering i would recommend a stiffer crampon. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me directly via the information listed above.


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

If you need a splitboard crampon, these are the way to go! For Spring conditions in the sierra, booting up chutes and other gnarly stuff, the fit is great and these are burly.

Mark, which model of the G10 did you get? New-classic or the new-matic? Did you get the wide version. I ride on Thirtytwo xlt jones. Thanks for your input


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

If you need a splitboard crampon, these are the way to go! For Spring conditions in the sierra, booting up chutes and other gnarly stuff, the fit is great and these are burly.

The points in the photo don't look very sharp. Is that the way they're supposed to be, or will they require sharpening for me to use them on icy trails?

Hey David, over time these crampons will need to be sharpened but out of the box they will be plenty sharp for traveling on ice and snow. The sharper items like these are the quicker they tend to dull. No pair of crampons will have a razor sharp edge because it weakens the points. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to me directly via the information listed above.

Im looking for a crampon that will fit my size 12 Kayland boots. Not mountaineering boots but pretty stiff sole.

Best Answer

Hi Robert!

So almost any Strap-on crampon will function for you if you buy the extra long center-bars and replace the stock bars with them.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have some upcoming adventure that you need more detailed advice about, happy to put you on the path to righteousness anytime!

I am looking for a crampon that I could use for skiing. My current boots are black diamond factor 130 touring boots. Would I be best off with the new matic version?

Best Answer

Hey Landon,

You will want the New Matic and they will fit your Factor 130's.

I have an email headed your way, if you would like to put in an order let me know.

Eric Watford

Expert Gearhead


Hello, I have a Columbia Boogaboots and would like to know what model is better, is the Wide version better for these boots?

Hi Victor!

Sounds like you are trying determine if these G10 crampons are compatible with your Columbia Bugaboo boots?

In theory you could use the Bugaboos with these crampons but you will find that your feet will be considerably uncomfortable wearing a crampon on them with the Bugaboo boots. Crampons are designed to be worn with a 3/4 or Full-shank boot and the Bugaboos don't come with a shank at all in the sole.

Need more info/beta? Want help getting geared up for your next adventure? Feel free to reach out to me directly @

What are the main differences between the Classic and the Matic versions?

Hey Laura!

The Classic version has rubber caps for toe and heel attachment, while the Matic version has a rubber cap for the toe and a wire bail for the heel.

Let me know what boots you have and I'll let you know what type ya need.



I've got Asolo TPS 520 boots


You'd need the New-Classic


Gday Guys.

I was hoping to find a crampon that will fit both my Size 10 snowboard boots and my size 10 scarpa mountaineering boots. Am I just going to have to get two seperate sets of crampons or is there some kind of wonder set available?

Yo Tim,

Look to get Camp's basic $99 universal crampon. Ir will fit the bill. Make sure it is the one with straps in front and rear, not a semi or full auto model. let me know if you need anything else. My fellow BC friend/roommate can help too. He had your same dilemma. Thanks!

Hey Tim,

For fitting a snowboard boot that has a wider forefoot than a regular mountaineering boot get the G10 Wide.

Grival is the only company that I know of that makes a wide version crampon. Its going to be a better fit than any other universal strap crampon out there. And yes they are adjustable enough to fit your mountaineering boots. I mark the holes on the flex bar for both my snowboard and mountaineering boot for quick readjustments.

Climb on!!

Booting up Suicide Chute with the G10s

Booting up Suicide Chute with the G10s

what size would you recommend for size 9 snowboard boot?

Best Answer

New Classic Wide

Bites like the fangs on a cobra...

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great general mountaineering crampon. Excels on mixed routes and holds an edge. Tough and very strong construction. The crampon is easy to adjust to fit a variety of footwear, the strap/buckle is easy to use even in gloved hands, and the anti-balling plates are solid.

When adjusted to the size 13 slot they fit my mondo size 29.5 BD Quadrant ski boots as well for skimountaineering.

I use them chiefly in the Alps. Here ascending the Gouter Ridge above Tete Rousse.

Bites like the fangs on a cobra...

Will this fit under a size 13 snowboard boot? Should I go with the classic-wide?

Best Answer

Optometrist Prime,

First and foremost, that is one of the best user names I've seen on here. Bravo.

But to answer your question, for a size 13 snowboard boot, you'll definitely want the "New Classic Wide" option as it will have a wider toe piece for fitting your snowboard boot.

Shoot me an email anytime you have questions!

Jared D.

Expert Gearhead


Thank you Jared! I've got the G10s now, and they fit my large size 13 Burton snowboard boots. A person could consider getting the extended center bar for a slightly cleaner fit, but the New Classic Wide works fine. Appreciate your help!

I'm debating between the Grivel G-12's and G-10's. I'll be doing Shasta (Avalanche Gulch) this spring, training climbs in the Sierras/Tahoe area, and then hopefully Mt. Baker and Olympus in the upcoming years. The G-12's seem like a great all-around crampon, but if they're more crampon than I'll need for my climbs then I'd love to save some weight and $$ by going with the G-10's. What do you think?

The G-10's will work for your moderate snow and ice fields. Hard to put an angle on it as it depends on your experience and balance. You will get away with most adventures is what I am saying. With that being said for another $45.00 you can buy the last pair of crampons you will ever need to purchase (unless you get into technical ice routes) as they are guaranteed for life. Should you ever get into moderate ice climbing or more technical mountaineering routes the G-12 is going to suit you better. I'd say if you dont mind starting with the G-10, with the understanding that you are going to purchase a full on 12 point crampon in the next few years depending on your excitement and ambition in the sport it would be the way to go.

You can call or email me directly. 801-736-6398, or

Looking for crampons that are durable and light enough to throw in my pack when ski touring around the Eastern Sierra and Southern Cascades when the approaches get a bit too firm/steep for skinning. Will the G10's do the trick? Are the G12's more for serious mountaineering? I'm likely to get some new AT boots in the next few months but with a one size fit should I be looking at the New-Matic; Classic or Classic-Wide model for my ski boots? Thanks!

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These would be a great choice for general mountaineering/ski mountaineering. The G12's are meant for all around mountaineering and lower angle ice. Personally I would go with the new-matics as those will work the best on AT boots. Full rubber straps on plastic AT boots don't fit all that well together, and can slip when kicking in a hard step. The wire heel bail will help keep this securely on your boot.

If you are interested in picking up a set of these or have other questions please shoot me an email or give me a call.

Dan Gates

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Office: 800-409-4502 ext. 4491

Personally from carrying my crampons for miles and miles for the "just in case" use that we encounter ski touring: Go aluminum!!! half the weight and just as functional. They'll wear out fast climbing over rocks and won't front point technical ice as well but you'll never leave them out of your pack because they weigh half as much as steel.

I use the CAMP USA aluminum for splitboarding unless its 100% known that vertical ice is going to happen, in which case I take a BD Sabretooth.

Climb on!

Grivel G10 on Snowboard Boots!

Happy hour along the hike up for some summer turns on Hood! These are the G10 New Classics on my W size 10 snowboard boots :)

Grivel G10 on Snowboard Boots!

Awesome picture Bex !!!

I selected this image to feature on the homepage of in our Activity Feed! Congrats on being GOATWORTHY !!!