GrivelEasy Slider with Spring Leash

Pretty handy on the vert.

The last thing you want is to find yourself hanging off a frozen waterfall and missing an ice tool. The Grivel Easy Slider w/Spring Leash offers a quick-on, quick-off clip interface and the peace of mind that your most valuable climbing assets are still attached to you, even during tricky traverses.

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Kinda neat but is it rated?

    I've used this slider on a Grivel Evo axe for a couple of seasons and for the most part thinks it's a cleaver set up.

    However, I'm curious if Grivel offers any weight rating on this? My assumption is not since it's partially plastic so you should be mindful of that when using the axe to back you up on a belay or 'secure yourself' on the slope since it's probably providing a false sense of security compared to a traditional piece of webbing or cord that a climber might use to connect their axe to their harness. - can you verify if the slider has any rating at all?

    The Grivel Website makes these warnings with their Single and Double Springs: Attention: the double spring must never be used as a self belay for the climber or to belay a companion. Its strength is limited to 200kg.
    The two small carabiners have a maximum resistance of 750kg and must never be used instead of normal carabiners when climbing or belaying.

    But it doesn't have an comment on Easy Slider 2.0, which happens to be on the same tech sheet.

    Unanswered Question

    will the slider fit the Petzl Sum tec ice axe?

    $64,000 Question; Does anyone know if these...

    $64,000 Question; Does anyone know if these "leashes" can be used with a pair of Axes from another manufacturer? Like perhaps a pair of BD Venoms???

    Other than just tying it to the other axe, probably not. That plastic piece with the spring clip in it is proprietary to Grivel.

    Not backward compatible with Air Tech Evo

      Please be aware that this slider is not compatible with pre-2009 models of Grivel Air Tech Evo ice axe (models with friction strips on the shaft, prior to the rubber handle) because it is not possible to get the pommel past the rivet at the bottom of the shaft.

      Seems fine otherwise.

      Not backward compatible with Air Tech Evo

      Anyone use self fusing tape on the shaft...

      Anyone use self fusing tape on the shaft of your tool with this? I want to know if there will be enough space to slide nicely on mt matrix light tools

      I doubt it would work well with any sort of grip tape. It's a tight fit even on the bare metal of my air tech racing.

      How does the new slider compare with the...

      How does the new slider compare with the older one?

      If I recall correctly the old pommel can be taken apart and clamped on the shaft with a screw while the new one is one piece. I am guessing that the old one would work on both older and newer ice axe models while the new one is not. (See my review.)

      The old one did not have a substantial eye for attaching a leash but had a small loop to keep it close to the axe head.