GrivelAir Tech/Air Tech Light Antibott Plate

Snow should stay on the ground.

Snow balling up on your crampons keeps your points from penetrating and causes you to loose traction when you need it the most. This problem is annoying at best and dangerous at worst. The Grivel Anitbott Plates for your Air Tech or Air Tech Light crampons pop the snow free with each step so you can climb safely.

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do these fit the G-10s? mine are bout 10...

do these fit the G-10s? mine are bout 10 years oldThanks man!

These fit the G10 crampons. I have a pair and put these on a couple weeks ago. They are direct replacements for the originals, which took a beating from crossing too many rocky outcrops without taking the crampons off.

Keep the snow off your crampons

    I went without these for as long as I could bear because I am cheap. When I finally slipped one too many times on one too many trips I gave in and got them. IT IS WORTH IT! I hardly fall anymore and the snow does not stick even for a moment. Fit very well on the specific model they are made for.