Grivel360 ER Ice Screws

When you feel the screaming barfies start to come on and you're 30 feet above your last piece, trust the speed and efficiency of the Grivel 360 ER Ice Screw for a quick, confidence-inspiring placement. Unlike most ice screws, all of Grivel's screws have reversed threads that increase their resistance against extraction for superior strength that you'll appreciate when you're on the verge of falling. The 360 wire handle can be lifted away from the surface of the ice when obstructions prevent a normal rotation, allowing you to quickly place the 360 where other screws just won't fit.

  • Compact wire handle can be lifted away from the surface of the ice and turned freely when obstructions prevent a normal rotation
  • Sharp bite and easy starting design make the 360 ideal for quick one-handed placements
  • Super-slick finish prevents ice from clogging the core
  • Inverted thread provides increased extraction resistance
  • Hydrodynamic thread design ensures easy penetration in even the hardest ice
  • Available in three different sizes for a variety of placements
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Easy to place

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

First off, grivel is using solar power to create this piece of gear. this should be the standard at which all gesr brands should be held to.

The grivel 360 ez rack ice screws have their place on EVERY ice climber's rack. When the lazers, lazer-speeds and others have trouble going in, call on the360! The swiveling, movable, GIGANTIC, sturdy handle is so handy for super hard, or featured ice. You could place one of these inside a 20 oz bottle... I use them for both leading, and building anchors. I have them in. 12 , 16, and 20 When using them on lead just be sure to fold the handles back down or the rope will drag like with a lazerspeed. I use the grivel pan pipe to hold my rack, so I can't speak too much about how much better the new hanger is. My only gripe is that they want to catch on things in my pack when I'm taking out/ putting away my pan pipe. Every other climber gone with have wanted to rack up with these over their own gear. They turn in soooo fast!

Easy to place

Everyone needs at least one of these.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These screws are great for anchors and v-threads, and the new design racks well. Wouldn't be ideal for lead climbing, but really useful and quick almost everywhere else.

Updated 360

Hear what's changed as Grivel has updated the 360 screws including making the hanger larger and increased the tooth depth. Video also talks about the "reverse threading" of Grivel's screws.

If you want to see picture differences of the old and new screws hangers (and reverse threading) the blogpost here can help:

supper ice srews

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

these screws just sink into the ice. with its new lever in a matter of seconds you can place it.

i hace the 16 version and works great.

all my friends ask me all the time if i would sell them my set ahahaha, they all love them



just received 4 screws and BEWARE!!!!

    the screws sent aren't the ones in the picture. I received the NEW 360s with the much larger hanger/head. Now you can't clip either side . The hanger is now a teardrop, its no longer square.

    Send em' back if you don't think that the new design is not 100% better…many folks are psyched on the new design…

    What does "360 ER" mean? Is there an "ER"...

    What does "360 ER" mean? Is there an "ER" version vs a "non ER" version? Grivel website makes no mention of it.

    Also, does the color of the handle changes with the lenght (red = 12cm, black = 16cm, yellow = 20cm) ?

    3rd question: do they come with the tip protector?

    The only question that I can answer is your second one, and you are correct.

    ER stands for easy racking as opposed to the old style which should have been the 360 ITR (impossible to rack). Also, they do come with the protective caps