You need it.

We've all made the mistake of choosing the wrong jersey on a hot day. When the temperatures transcend average summer warmth and skip straight to scorching, kit selection matters. Rather than having to miss ride time when a heat wave settles in, equip yourself with Gore Bike Wear's Oxygen CC Jersey instead. Ultralight and made specifically for your hottest rides, the Oxygen CC is made out of a nylon and elastane mesh that strives to circulate air continuously as you ride. Moisture moves away from your skin as you sweat, while any precious breeze you generate on a descent moves through the mesh to cool you off. A simple, streamlined construction saves weight so that you can focus on making it through your ride, and becoming more tolerant to heat while you're at it.

  • Pedal through summer's worst in this hot-weather jersey
  • Slim fit is tailored but doesn't restrict
  • Airy mesh blend circulates air consistently as you ride
  • 3 rear pockets stash electrolyte-boosting fuel
  • Reflective accents help you stand out to motorists