Goal Zero Boulder 30 Solar Panel

It's a new era of outdoor civilization.

The burly, sun-wrangling Goal Zero Boulder Solar Panel comes in 15 or 30 watt models to accommodate all your power needs. Whether it's pumping out the tunes at basecamp or charging up your Goal Zero power pack on a multi-day car-camping trip, this aluminum and tempered glass panel will yield plenty of natural, clean, and efficient power. Pair the 15 with the Goal Zero Escape 150 Power Pack or the 30 with the Extreme 350 Power Pack (power packs not included) to stash that power for nighttime use.

  • State-of-the-art monocrystalline technology in Boulder panels deliver more power per square inch than any other solar technology available
  • Sunlight yields an ample 14-16V (15 or 30 watts) output for powering your electronic needs or recharging a power pack, whether at camp or entertaining outdoors
  • Aluminum and tempered glass combine for bomber construction of this solar-power catcher
  • Chainable for powering big spreads at basecamp or multi-party car-camping site
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Power on the go

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These are incredibly useful while you're out car camping!

My girlfriend and I make a lot of trips down south to go rock climb, and this is perfect for the job. Once you've set up base camp, just prop the panel up so that it's directly facing the sun and leave it there for a while to charge the power pack. A full day's worth of sun easily brought our 150wh power pack to 100%.

Our panel got its first use on a cross-country trip to Georgia for a music festival. I hate feeling like a caveman after paying upwards of $300 for ticket/camping, so this year, we brought our solar power along and made everyone green with envy, although it was hard to tell since they were all sitting in the dark.

We powered a string of LED lights, 3 cellphones, and a little speaker for music for a total of 5 days without plugging anything into a wall outlet!

Great investment for those that like a little luxury while out on the road

Scampin' & the Boulder Power

The boulder panel allowed for most excellent charging of the solar powers when driving around on a 3,876 mile road trip with a trailer in Canada! Full on comforts of home!

Scampin' & the Boulder Power

That's a good lookin' Scamp. I thinking about adding a couple of solar panels to my Aristocrat trailer--did you tie the panels into your house electrical?

Hey Chris! That scamp belongs to John Gilchrist! He took on the solar project and installed everything himself. Give him an e-mail at jgilchrist@backcountry.com

He didn't affix the panel to the Scamp, it was simply mobile so we could place it near or on top of the Scamp to gather maximum rays.

How much are the 30 watt panels? I only...

How much are the 30 watt panels? I only see the 15 watt model here. Thanks.

Currently we only have the 15 watt model in stock so we do not have a current price for the 30 watt panels.

Best Answer

Hi BJ and Emily,

Looks like we have the 30s back in stock - they are $199.99 :)



Goats got the POWah!

BC took an array of Boulder panels to charge up our Yeti 1250 power pack while sponsoring a biking event down south. It was an utter success. Even during a cloudy day, the panels were still picking up some wattage. We had an AMAZING time, and these panels powered 2 iMac computers, a boatload of cell phones and 1 huge tune box.

If you need serious power - this is a legit setup.

Goats got the POWah!

Are there any pictures of the outputs anywhere? Would be super helpful.

How durable are these solar panels? They...

How durable are these solar panels? They look like they are made with glass, and I don't want to risk having them break easily in the rugged places I use them. Thanks!

Best Answer

Hey Alex,

These solar panels are somewhat durable , however they won't take a ton of abuse. This model is definately for something like an RV or camper where you can store them somewhere safely, however other models like the Goal Zero Guide 10 are a bit more rugged and packable. I've had mine for over a year and haven't had a problem.I just make sure when packing that it's not going to get bent/crushed. But I have crammed it into some pretty full packs and it hasn't been any worse for the wear.Hope this helps.

Solar life in the camper

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Thanks to these boulder solar panels and the GZ guardian 12V charger, we can now charge up the camper without burning gas in the generator. This is next level for living on the road! It feels good to harness clean energy from the sun in contrast to burning nasty petrol. It just feels good! No longer have to listen to the noisy generator or worry about running out of gas, the sun will always shine tomorrow…

Solar life in the camper

Sun Valley Trekking uses the Boulder 30

Getting work done!

Even in the boonies I can file some work for the office. Using two Boulder 15s and an Extreme 350

Getting work done!