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Compromise free.

The idea behind the Giordana Women's Sosta Sport Tight—and indeed the entire Sosta line—is archetypically Italian: To strike notes of functionality and fashion for a truly compromise-free experience in the saddle. The tights are shaped to accommodate the cycling position, a feature that—with the inclusion of a chamois—recommends them for cycling alone. These aren't for the Nordic cross-trainer; they're for the four-season cyclist who thinks cold-weather and haute couture can be happy peloton mates.

The tights' body is made from Mititech's Super Roubaix material whose winter credentials are bolstered with a DWR treatment. Super Roubaix is the classic take on winter cycling clothing, and its sturdier feel and low-loft, brushed inner face are the sensations we equate most with cold-weather base miles. It holds more confidently than summer-weight kit, and that light loft adds a layer of wicking insulation between your skin and the mid-winter chill.

Previous generations of Giordana winter kit have featured targeted panels of water resistance, but the Sosta expands that protection to encompass the entire article. The DWR treatment compels water to bead and roll off rather than penetrate and compromise the Super Roubaix's insulated microclimate. It's not waterproof, but it does hold up to light precipitation and road spray—the latter of which is especially welcome for anyone who has suffered through the final 30 minutes of a damp winter ride with a chamois that, once wet, feels less like a highly engineered insert and more like a stinging bundle of frostbite.

The included Cirro S-W chamois, which is the same model Giordana uses for its lightweight racing kit, is definitely worth protecting. It comprises four total layers of material, the first of which is a microfiber cover infused with permanent Aloe Vera. Giordana claims this promotes healing of saddle sores and prevents irritation, but it's also got anti-odor properties whose utility is almost impossible to overstate. This cover encompasses three individual layers of cushion. The first is a 3mm open-cell foam that ventilates and manages moisture; the second is a 4mm-thick 120 density foam, also open-cell, which begins ramping up targeted support while maintaining ventilation; the final layer is 7mm of nonabsorbent memory foam that further defines the support/relief dichotomy and transfers moisture to the Super Roubaix fabric where it's summarily banished into a winter exile.

The Sosta Sport Tights eschew bibs—an undeniable androcentric design—in favor of Giordana's "yoga" waistband. We confine yoga in quotes because the waistband is much better suited for cycling than yoga—though there are some poses that may overlap with an aggressive drop tuck (we're looking at you, Adho Mukha Shvanasana). The waistband's front overlaps, so it can be folded down or left up for maximum coverage depending on personal preference. Gripper cuffs help ensure there's no gap between the Sosta and shoecovers, and zippered ankle openings let Giordana build the cuffs to hug your ankles without being a pain to get on and off. The tights are finished with a generous reflective panel across the lower back.

  • Winter cycling tights for cold, damp conditions
  • Thermal material insulates, stretches, and manages moisture
  • DWR treatment fends off frigid road spray and light precipitation
  • Features the same Aloe-infused chamois as Giordana's summer kit
  • Large reflective panel and branding across rear hips
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