Core protection for cool to cold riding.

Those lucky enough to live in places that get cool, but not cold in the winter may have it great when the sun is out, but that doesn't mean you don't need an extra layer to keep your core insulated when things start getting chilly. The Giordana AV 200 Short Sleeve Winter Jacket is designed to boost your core temperature so you can keep going through chilly temps of a mild winter, or brisk fall mornings. With windproof insulation, this mid-weight short sleeve jacket is the perfect piece to pair with your winter thermal jersey on colder days, or a pair of arm-warmers when your frosty morning will warm up to a sunny afternoon in a matter of hours.

Giordana's AV (Aqua+Vento) line performs based off of your vigor and intensity, working harder to wick away moisture when you really start sweating, and offering more insulation when things are going slow and a bit more on the effortless side of things. The AV 200 Short Sleeve Winter Jacket features many of the same features from the Aqua+Vento line, like an eVent DVStretch shell, high collar, drop rail, and reflective accents. Unlike the AV 200 Long Sleeve Jacket that it resembles, the AV 200 Short Sleeve features a full-membrane, covering the entire garment, and uses a lighter weight version of DV stretch, so the jacket doesn't feel heavy while protecting you from the elements.

The eVent DVStretch fabric offers 3-layers of protection to cut through wind completely, and repel water, with a DWR coating outside, and printed fleece lining. As a result you'll find a barricade against the elements that’s near impenetrable, but doesn't trap moisture within. Moisture vapor can escape with ease through the membrane, so it's much easier to manage core temperature, from the vigorous climb up, to the near-effortless descent.

  • Stand up to fall's chill with a mid-weight short sleeve jacket
  • eVent DVStretch fabric creates a barrier from the elements
  • Breathable membrane wicks away perspiration
  • DWR coating sheds light showers and wheel-spray
  • High collar and drop tail keep you covered and warm
  • Giordana's AV line performs based off of your intensity
  • Pairs well with a thermal jersey or arm warmers on cold days
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