An environmentally-friendly classic.

You started slacking not because you liked skipping work; you did it to have another tool in your quiver of outdoor play. It's such a quick-and-easy way to enjoy sunsets at the park, the sweet-smelling grass, and to marvel at some of the trees you have Gibbon's ClassicLine Tree Pro Slackline set up between. But you certainly don't want to be the slacker that tears the bark off those majestic trees, which is why you opt for this slackline's tree-friendly slings.

  • Gibbon's best-selling slackline equipped with tree-friendly slings
  • Included ratchet and slings make for a simple setup
  • RatPad ratchets comply with DIN 79400 safety standards
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Addicting and fun!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

We have one of these setup outside at the office and I can't stay off this thing! I spend almost every break and lunch on it! It's an absolute blast! The ratchet mechanism is intuitive and feels much more inspiring than some of the other brands of slackline I have used. I'll probably get the longer version of this for home and travel use but I got some pretty decent spans to traverse on the back 40 hundredths of an acre.

wish i had gotten a longer one

    This slack line is pretty good. it works the way they all do, I just regret getting one so short. 49 feet is about the shortest one they make and its not nearly as long as you would think once you wrap several feet on each end around trees.