Bike lights, Garmin style.

Garmin wouldn’t just make a bike light. Not its style. What it would do, though, is create a GPS-powered, highly technical, completely revolutionary illumination system like the Varia Bike Light Bundle. Paired with a compatible Garmin Edge computer, the beams of the Varia are actually controlled by incoming GPS data in real time, so you always have exactly the illumination that’s most helpful for the situation.

In the front, for instance, the beam extends farther in front when you ride faster, and comes closer when you slow down. At dawn and dusk, there’s an automatic high-beam cutoff so you don’t blind oncoming drivers and cyclists, because a blinded driver is a driver that’s more likely to run into you.

Garmin’s data showed that 40% of cycling accidents happen when the rider is hit from behind, so it gave the rear light even more functionality. When you start slowing down, it increases in brightness, just like a car’s brake lights. You can also mount two tail lights together and use the included remote control or your computer to signal turns like you would do in a car. The rear lights can be easily set to standard steady, flashing, or off modes via the remote, too, and an array of included mounts lets you set up your lights however you’d like.

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