The G3 Climbing Wires—less fatigue, more fun.

G3 Climbing Wires make your backcountry telemark ski touring easier and more efficient. The Climbing Wires flip up on your climbs, creating a more secure angle on steep slopes and easing the strain on your legs and ankles. Get the long length for normal backcountry travel, and the extra long climbing wires if you're in for some super-steep touring. *Compatible with all G3 climbing heels and 15mm binding shims.

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Unanswered Question

How much does each riser size (short + tall) weigh, individually, and how long is each, individually?

Must have!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These G3 climbing are easy to install and use, and make climbing steep slopes a lot easier. You can only install one size at a time. I went for the longer (higher) ones and like them a lot. Well worth the small expense.

Can you have both heal risers on at one time like most AT bindings have on them or is it only one or the other?

Might depend on what binding you are using and the specific heel piece it has. Everything I have seen shows both climbing bars on there like most AT bindings.

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good buy

    The wires were easy to install, and work great so far, been out about 5 times on them so far. I probably would have been wise to purchase the extra-longs because things are steep here in the San Juans.

    Please tell me how to actually flip this...

    Please tell me how to actually flip this up with my pole. I must be missing something, because it takes quite a bit of effort to clip my long wire up in to position (installed correctly on my targa binding), and I find myself either taking the ski off, or having someone else pull it up for me... Is there some way to leverage my pole on my binding/ski/?? to actually be able to flip it up?


    Best Answer

    Try using the grip end of your ski pole. The heel lifters on G3's, BD's, and Voile's, all need to be broken in. They will become easier to flip up as the plastic wears down. Next time you're watching TV, just sit with the ski in your lap and flip the bars up and down to hasten the process. Otherwise, check out the 22 Designs HammerHeel Climber. They make a 26mm that will fit the holes for G3's, and cost $26 bucks at They're spring-loaded, so they come up and down really easily. Just one of the many benefits of Hammerhead bindings.
    If all else fails, do some hamstring stretches before and after skiing. Most of my buddies just have to reach for their bars on the up-track. It is a design flaw, but until there's a better alternative, you'll have to deal with it. Your buddies will eventually tire of helping you flip your bails up...or maybe they're just trying to check out your ass! ; )
    If you really want to do yourself a favor, get some Bombshells or Axl's. Way better binding.

    Good wires

      These wires are super-sweet. I got the long version for some climbs here CO and they were adequate, though the X-Longs might have been a better buy.

      Buy them. These climbing wires will change your life.

      Get the BD ones

        The Black Diamond heel lifters will work on G3 bindings. Just figured that out. So save yourself five bucks, and buy some beer or ski wax, instead.

        Unanswered Question

        do you have g3 c/wires in standard long...

        do you have g3 c/wires in standard long size?

        Write your question here...are these wires...

        Write your question here...are these wires for the targa or the ascent binding?

        These are for the Targa's. The Ascents have an integrated climbing heel, providing 70mm of rise.

        Just get the tall one.

          I only had the tallest one installed and thought it was perfect for most climbing in the wasatch.

          no regrets

            light and durable. Saves the old legs some burnage when climbing. Get the long ones all ye who labor for altitude in the Rockies.