Nor noticing the beauty around you.

Its fall, and cool breezes whisper through the trees, while dancing light from the setting sun casts golden hues along the trail. The cold crunch of leaves echo from under your boot, and the smell of wet earth permeates the air. You're making your way up the trail basking in nature's beauty wrapped warmly in your Fjallraven Sormland V-Neck sweater, soaking in the fleeting moments of autumn's finest days. Made from 100% merino wool, the sweater hugs you gently, keeping you cozy as you ascend the trail, listening to the sound of a nearby brook, and the flying V of Canadian geese overhead that are making their way south. With natural fibers wicking away your sweat, you keep just the right temperature so you can keep your focus on the world around you instead of worrying about your choice of layers.

  • Watch the world change through the shades of fall in this wool sweater
  • Warm merino wool embraces you with a soft touch
  • Natural fibers wick away sweat to keep you comfortable
  • Regular fit pairs well with a scarf on top, or a button up underneath
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