Fi'zi:k Kurve Snake Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Mobius Rails

It’s in the shell.

The comfort of the Fi’zi:k kurve Snake Saddle with 7x9 Carbon Mobius rails comes from the design of its shell, rather than from cushioning. The shell’s profile is thinner at key points to allow it to conform to high-pressure areas, such as the sit bones and perineum. This flexible design provides a comfortable position but remains stiff enough to provide pedaling efficiency. Unlike foam, it won’t degrade over time, so you don’t ‘break in’ a Kurve saddle, and you won’t wear it out, either.

The Kurve features Fi’zi:k’s new Tuner insert, an interchangeable nosepiece that allows you to customize the saddle’s flex. You can install the more flexible nose for long training rides, or switch to the stiffer nose for more stiffness on race day. The Kurve also features TwinFlex technology (the shell is comprised of interwoven fibers that flex like a hammock), and WingFlex technology (small slits in the side of the saddle flex when pedaling, allowing free thigh movement with each downward pedal stroke). Finally, Mobius Carbon rails extend from a single carbon structure that supports the entire saddle to provide a stiff, lightweight base.

  • Shell with targeted flex
  • Tuner insert
  • TwinFlex
  • WingFlex
  • Mobius Carbon rails
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what does 7x9mm rails mean? How can I tell if it will fit on my current bike's seat post?

Hi David!

Many carbon railed saddles have oval rails with a 7x9mm height and width. You'll need to look at the saddle clamp on your seatpost. You can eyeball it and check if it's rounded out or ovalized on the inside of the clamps.

Let me know if you have any other questions.