Fi'zi:k Arione R3 Race Edition Saddle - 7x9 Carbon Braided Rails

Channel the sea.

Fi'zi:k celebrates the longest of the storied spring classics with its Arione R3 Race Edition Saddle with 7x9 Carbon Braided Rails. Featuring vibration damping rails to weather the roughest roads, this saddle takes the much-loved function and comfort of the regular Arione and adds a splash of blue in a nod to San Remo's epic scenery and even more epic finishes.

The Arione's long, narrow profile lets you choose myriad saddle positions to make use of different muscle groups and resist fatigue over the miles. The shell is made of composite glass co-injected into nylon and incorporates Fizik's Wing Flex technology for sit-bone support with engineered flex at the edges to accommodate the pedaling motion. The inclusion of carbon rails means there's less mass to propel; the saddle saves a claimed 20g compared to the model built with alloy K:ium rails.

The Arione falls into the Snake category within Fi'zi:k's Spine Concept guidelines, an approach to finding the right saddle choice that recognizes differences in spine flexibility among cyclists. With its long, virtually flat body, the Arione is the top recommendation among the Fi'zi:k saddle range for cyclists with flexible spines. It doesn't add any additional tilt to your hips, but it does let you position yourself anywhere you want on the saddle. Sit back for long climbs or get up on the nose during daring solo raids—regardless of where you prop your engine, the Arione has you covered.

  • A road cycling saddle that tips its hat to San Remo
  • Carbon braided rails soak up vibrations
  • Wing Flex shell blends support and pedal-friendly flex
  • Falls into the Snake Concept category for riders with flexible spines
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