FITSMedium Ski Over The Calf Socks - Men's

The FITS Medium Ski Over The Calf Sock can turn a good day of skiing into a great one with full cushioning around the foot and up the shin to reduce the pain and fatigue associated with wearing big, heavy ski boots.

  • Dynamic Toe Cup conforms to the natural shape of the toes with no excess material to rub and chafe
  • Y-shaped Heel Lock creates a deep pocket for the heel so the sock doesn't move around or lose its shape
  • Full Contact Cuff hugs your leg so the sock stays in place all day
  • Cushioning around entire foot and shin absorbs shock, insulates, and reduces 'shin-bang'
  • Merino wool content resists odors and offers breathable comfort
  • Vented instep for reduced bulk and increased airflow
  • Toe seams color-coded so you don't forget your style or size
  • Over-the-calf-length for added protection
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