The thaw after the freeze

Before you get the hacksaw out and begin cutting off seatposts, crank bolts, and other rusted, seized bike parts, give them a shot of Finish Line's Chill Zone and watch the magic.

Chill Zone is not a lubricating grease. It's a refrigerant that freezes metal to as low as  negative 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This process causes the metal to contract and thereby creates micro-cracks in the corrosion and galvanically-fused metal parts. After it does this, a penetrating release agent is able to break down and remove the rust. Most seized parts regain full use. 

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I have a carbon fiber steerer tube and a CF headset dust cap that are fused together with aluminum oxide from an alloy stem. Is Chill Zone okay to use on carbon fiber?

You definitely *do not* want to use Chill Zone! That will most likely crack the epoxy used in carbon fiber layup. I would recommend using very hot water first (on a rag, using gloves if necessary) to help break down the corrosion layer. If that doesn't work, use a little PB Blaster lubricant. That is safe for carbon, though don't go overboard on the amount you use. One of those 2 methods should free it up. Let me know how that works!