Feedback Sports Summit Digital Scale
Feedback SportsSummit Digital Scale

Truth be told.

The Feedback Sports Table Top Digital Gram Scale weighs things. Whether you’re a road racer needing to confirm a dose of doped blood from Dr. Ferrari, a messenger needing to accurately divvy up the load for the day, or an honest-to-goodness gram-counting weight-weenie, this Feedback Sports Systems digi scale always tell the truth.

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Very nice scale

    Bought it to measure air conditioning fluid for my cars. Works perfectly

    Weigh your components

    Weights up to 3kg. (6.6lbs.) in 1g increments

    Weigh in gram, oz. or lbs. with a +/- 1.0g (0.1 oz.) accuracy

    Weigh your components
    Unanswered Question

    Does this scale (Item #USS0016) include...

    Does this scale (Item #USS0016) include an auto off feature with optional "no shutoff"?


      +/- 1 gram! You're killin' my margins and endangering my customers. Okay for schwag, I guess.