Keeping your work stand future-proof.

Ever-changing hub standards might cause some frustration when you're working on bikes, but that doesn't mean it has to render your work stand obsolete. Snag a set of Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand Axle Adapters and you can swap your stand to accommodate new hub spacing requirements when you tinker away in your shop. The adapter easily threads into your Sprint work stand so you can throw a thru-axle through it to get work done. Use the 12mm adapter to convert your stand from 15x100mm to 12x100mm, or the Boost set to change it up to 12x148mm rear and a 15x110mm front.

  • Adapters for keeping your work stand futureproof
  • Thread in easily to alter hub spacing on your stand
  • Can swap your stand to Boost spacing or 12 x 100 spacing
  • Compatible with Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand
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