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Pump up the air volume.

Ditch that old, worn out plastic pump and add some classic style to your jersey pocket with Fabric's Classic Mini Pump. Featuring a sleek, sandblasted aluminum body and an elegant wooden handle, this little pump pushes big air volume to have you back on route after a flat in a flash. Its steel braided hose bends to accommodate a range of valve positions, with a threaded head that screws on securely to pair with both Presta and Schrader valves.

  • A classically styled mini pump to fashionably handle flats
  • Durable aluminum body and wooden handle add class
  • Braided hose with valve to pair with Presta and Schrader valves
  • Max of 60 PSI airs up mountain, cross, or tubeless road tires with ease
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Not sure of the target market

    I do have to say, the pump is well made and quite beautiful. But I'm not exactly sure I understand why this exists? You would think that from the photos, the pump is pretty small, and it would go great with a nice thin-tubed steel road frame. Well you're wrong. The pump is 16" long and only goes up to about 55 PSI.

    At least it looks nice.

    Per Fabric, this is intended to replace a floor pump while traveling... "Laden with style and cutting-edge features, the Megabar is the ultimate alternative to a track pump when travelling. The slim yet powerful pump is a modern take on the classic frame pump. Traditional high-quality features such as the turned wooden handle and braided stainless steel hose are mixed with modern innovations such as the high-volume aluminium barrel and ‘smart’ head for dual-valve compatibility."

    It only goes up to 55 PSI, which makes it completely useless for the intended purpose.