If your daily commute often takes you through dusk hours, reach for the Exposure Link DayBright Light Combo. This handy little light packs a big punch both behind and in front of you, mounting cleanly to your helmet, and utilizing lights facing both forward and backward to help you see and be seen. The rear light pulses with 35-lumens to help you stand out in traffic, and up front you can run with up to 100-lumens for spotting potholes and weaving through dark alleyways.

Though the Link DayBright is petite, it manages to load up on technology, utilizing Exposure's Optimum Mode Selector for choosing the time you'll spend on the bike, and letting the light sort out the rest to make sure you've got enough glow to get home. It also features a "fuel gauge," so you can see how much battery life you've got left, and a mini-USB cord for charging up if it looks like its juices are starting to run low.

  • A mini but mighty light for dim rides after dark
  • Front light offers up to 100-lumens to see your way
  • Rear light lets motorists spot you from behind
  • Optimum Mode Selector lets you set the ride time
  • Fuel gauge allows you to see how much battery life is left
  • Easy to recharge with a mini USB cable
  • Mounts to helmet for total front and rear visibility
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