Blaze Mk3 DayBright Tail Light with ReAKt

Not only is it Exposure's most powerful rear light, but the dazzling Blaze DayBright Tail Light ReAKt also boasts Ambient Kinetic Technology to adapt to the conditions of the ride. By flaring up proportionally to how hard you brake and automatically adjusting to the surrounding ambient light, the ReAKT technology makes this version of the Blaze a beacon for safety. It also features three brightness levels up to 80 lumens, side illumination for added peripheral visibility, and a Fuel Gauge that shows the remaining battery life to let you know when to recharge. All this tech is housed in a robust CNC-machined aluminum for durability and water-resistance on the ride.

  • Highly visible tail light for added safety on your ride
  • AKT technology emits varying strength of light based on actions
  • Shines 80 lumens of red light to notify motorists where you are
  • Multiple modes enable battery conservation and versatility
  • Seatpost mount attaches for secure transport
  • Included USB cable lets you charge on the move
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