ExpedSIM UL Duo Sleeping Pad

It's okay because you'll carry it.

You'd prefer it if you and your spouse carried separate sleeping bags and pads to save on weight and space, but since someone needs constant cuddling throughout the night—and that same someone says that it's okay because you can carry it—you have to backpack with heavier gear that's harder to pack. Lucky for you, Exped just made the SIM UL Duo Sleeping Pad lighter and more compact so you can backpack more comfortably. It features the same self-inflating, warm-insulating, and flat-valving convenience as the original SIM Duo, except a thinner profile provides a lighter weight and more compact packing diameters.

  • Double wide sleeping pad made lighter for backpacking
  • Durable, low-profile FlatValves for self inflation and deflation
  • Anti-slip GripSkin coating keeps your sleeping bag on top
  • Foam insulation for freezing temperatures
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