EsbitTitanium Pot

Find a your own granite countertop.

Perfect for the ultralight backpacker who still wants to eat hearty on the trail, the Esbit Titanium Pot is a lightweight option for solo dinners eaten over expansive vistas deep in the wilderness. As the name implies, the stove is forged from a burly titanium that can stand up to any abuse encountered from your pack or a naturally occurring granite countertop. Plus, it can hold up to 750ml of steamy goodness to replenish calories and charge up for the next day's push. 

  • A titanium backpacking pot for cooking in the backcountry
  • Titanium is ultralight and easily transported in pack
  • Fold-in handle makes grabbing the pot easy when hot
  • Lid with fold-up handle helpful with boiling times
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