• ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Black
    ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Detail
    ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Rear
  • ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Black
  • ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Detail
  • ENVE - M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset - Rear
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ENVE M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset

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    Tech Specs

    Rim Material:
    Wheel Size:
    Tire Type:
    Rim Depth:
    Rim Width:
    [internal] 30mm, [external] 36mm
    Brake Compatibility:
    6-bolt disc
    Industry Nine Torch
    Front Axle:
    15mm boost
    Rear Axle:
    12 x 148mm
    Sapim CX-Ray
    Spoke Nipple:
    Spoke Count:
    32 / 32
    Claimed Weight:
    Recommended Use:
    Manufacturer Warranty:
    5 years limited

    M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset

    Speed everywhere is the name of the game with the M730 Industry Nine Torch 27.5in Boost Wheelset from ENVE. From chunky baby head rock gardens to bike park flow laps, the 730 take the hits that you'd never expect from carbon just a few short years ago. Its impressive durability is doesn't come at the expense of snappy, responsive handling and lightweight build though, and ENVE did its homework. It spent the better part of two years designing a rim that can stand up high-speed chunder, without resorting to heavy rim inserts, beefy casings, or compromising with high tire pressures. The M730 is here to elevate your riding with a redesigned rim featuring a lightweight protective strip to keep your wheels and tires safely turning after smashing root lattices and casing huge drops.

    ENVE's M730 line takes queues from the M70's that came before it, like the use of downhill-worthy carbon laminates that stand up to aggressive all-mountain charging, but it strays from the profile with changes to increase strength. The M730 is designed to better pair with modern tires so that they can better absorb chunder and chatter from the trail without being run at ungodly-high tire pressures. Nothing will spook you faster when you're charging a dusty line than drifting in a corner where you were anticipating feeling planted, so ENVE gave the M730 the ability to run its new Protective Rim Strip that provides pinch-flat protection so that you can run your tire pressure lower for increased traction. The Protective Rim Strip isn't designed just to reduce pinch flats, though; it's intended to protect your rim in its entirety against harsh riding and impacts, so that harsh puncture flats aren't so likely to lead to rim failure. The carbon layup on the M730 is designed to resemble that of the M90's with the strength that you need for hard-hitting lines, but without compromising pedal-ability for long climbs to the top when you have to earn your laps. The rim width on the M730 might just land in our favorite sweet-spot at 30mm internal and 36mm external, much narrower than the beefier M735's, but still wide enough to enjoy 2.5-inch wide-trail tires, all the way down to ultra-versatile 2.3's for all-mountain adventures. This wide profile when paired with the Protective Rim Strip inevitably adds a bit of weight, coming in just over 150-grams heavier than the M70's, though we think a few grams are excusable when it comes along with better ride quality and protection from wheel-gobbling rock gardens. ENVE's designers utilize their Smart system to create tough, stable wheels for all riding conditions. Using a patented process of molded-in spoke holes, valve stem holes, and nipple seats they earn ENVE's reputation for incredible strength-to-weight ratios. ENVE's carbon fiber is meticulously laid around each hole to maintain continuous fiber integrity, resulting in increased rim rigidity while keeping weight lower at the spoke face. When you lace this system up to a hub the result is a system that facilitates more uniform, and higher spoke tension than standard molding. In addition to their meticulous layup, ENVE uses a process that removes the inner bladder from the carbon fiber molding, which results in lower weight compared to other composite manufacturers who leave the rim-molding inner bladder inside the rim when the wheel is complete. The tedious process of removing the bladder adds expense but lands you with a lighter rim with superior weight distribution and better balance. Of course, we always draw our emphasis to the rim when we talk about ENVE wheels, since that's where we see their industry-defining carbon, but we'd be remiss not to mention the hubs. Completing the package, ENVE laces the M730's up with Industry Nine Torch hubs. The hubs from North Carolina are darn near bombproof and add snappy engagement. Its beautiful machine work and deep anodization leave them lightweight and gorgeous, with a pawl and drive ring system that propels you forward with little lag so you're right back on the gas. This model uses boost spacing for stiffer tracking up front and more responsiveness in the back. The hubs and rims come together in Utah, where they are laced up to create an impeccable wheel with the longevity you expect from a class-leading wheel system.

    • Durable 27.5in wheels for all-mountain riding and enduro racing
    • Rims are designed and build for gravity-centered riders
    • 30mm internal width is ideal for enduro width rubber
    • ENVE's Protective Rim Strip protects both the rim and tire
    • Pinch-flat protection allows for lower tire pressure
    • M90-inspired carbon layup for strength on DH runs and shuttles
    • Quick engaging I9 hubs spin quickly and are durable
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