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Wrenching on carbon.

These days, almost every piece of a top- or even mid-level race rig is carbon. (We've even seen cranksets with carbon spindles. No joke.) Given this preponderance of lightweight, stiff, and vibration damping material, any home mechanic worth their chain pins will benefit from the addition of the stylish and effective Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza II 2-16 Torque Wrench.

For all the benefits listed above, carbon fiber cockpit components and steerer tubes are also expensive and remarkably easy to crush, which means the distinct crack after that extra quarter turn of the Allen wrench is also the tune of a new $340 stem. When you're caught between the Scylla and Charybdis of cracking your components with too much force while installing them or running the risk of your handlebars or seatpost dropping calamitously due to too little force and the advent of a pothole, the Giustaforza II's +/-4% Nm accuracy may be your only lifeboat.

Unlike the more expensive Pro model, the civilian Giustaforza II featured here doesn't include a ratcheting head. That does mean that the head is smaller, though, which is handy while navigating tight quarters. The head is magnetic, though, for a secure connection to any of the healthy complement of included Allen and Torx bits. The torque settings are easy to read on a linear scale in a window machined into the handle, and adjustments require only turning the end-mounted dial to the proper torque spec.

As with torque wrenches from any manufacturer, we suggest you follow Effetto Mariposa's recommendation of storing the Giustaforza with the torque dial turned to the lowest possible setting in order to preserve the calibration of the tool.

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