Light, fully-featured, and ready to belay.

The Edelrid HMS Strike Slider FG Locking Carabiner is a low-profile, lightweight locker for belaying and rappelling. An H-profile construction ensures superb strength while remaining ridiculously lightweight (2.3 ounces). Unlike most innovative locking systems, this automatic locker only requires one hand and is super quick and simple. The spring bar prevents cross loading, and the keylock nose makes sure the rope doesn't get hooked when you're taking climbers off belay.

  • H-profile construction
  • Automatic gate locking system
  • Keylock nose
  • Spring bar
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Not too shabb

    Not a bad little locking belay biner. The auto locking switch is a little awkward but gets the job done.

    Great locker, especially for megajul

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    I pair this locker/keeper with my megajul. The megajul is prone to rotating, and this keeps it oriented happily on my belay loop. I've heard/read skepticism around slider lockers being unsafe—I can assure you I've never had any issues with this 'biner, even when trying to simulate a failure.

    *Sport (5.11)/Trad climber (5.8), climb 3-4 times a week

    Unanswered Question

    is this beaner small enough to fit through the megal juls guide hole?

    Favorite belay carabiner!

      I use the megajul which I also really like. This biner makes life so easy to clip in with and when you're done belaying to unclip. It is smaller than a lot of locking biners but it makes life easier when you like to carry a lot of gear like I do. I carry two with me on trad days for top belaying. It works well even on cold wet ice climbing days.

      Many use, love this biner

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Just picked one of these up to use as a leash biner on fixed lines (above the ascender), and also as a quick means of clipping into anchors on multiple pitch raps. Worked brilliantly for both. Other folks with screw gates were fumbling with gloves on, and either slowed the group or didn't lock their screw gates. Auto-lock feature a real plus.

      Pretty good

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      Very few biners have the correct shape to work properly with my Climbing Technology AlpineUp belay device, but this biner works great for that application. While the gate is slightly, less secure than a screwgate, it seems plenty secure as a belay biner for the AlpineUp. After a month of climbing every day in the desert, the gate action did get kinda nasty and grainy, but a quick squirt of automotive brake parts cleaner and an application of teflon lube had things moving nicely again in minutes.

      Great indoors belay krab

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      I have been using three HMS Strike Slider FG krabs for a year or so. For indoors use this is the perfect belay carabiner. Especially when using it with Edelrid Jul 2 or Trango Cinch. This is the way I'm using this binner now days.

      Yep, I mean this binner. Two sliders were destroyed outdoors. Locking mechanism somehow broke. I suspect it was dust or rock particles got inside and blocked it.

      With this sort of issue I would not recommend it to any climber. Instead go for old screw lock HMS Strike FG.

      Love the quick lock

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      These carabiners are super light weight and simple to use. I love the quick lock of the slider and that it doesn't get super tight like a screwgate lock. Easier to maneuver when you're losing dexterity at the end of the day or a tough climb. I use it with my personal anchor to clip in and set up to rappel, not to belay.

      Quick auto locking carabiner.

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      This thing is so easy and quick to use. It has never come undone when i have used it, but i have tried to manipulate it in safe conditions, and it can open in some scenarios where a normal screwgate will not, but it will also resist unlocking in other scenarios where a screwgate can get unlocked. I do not completely trust it when belaying, but it should be pretty safe for use with a belay device. The big positive is that it has not frozen on me, even in conditions where both screwgates and magnetrons do freeze. Great for where you would use a normal carabiner, but where a locker would give you an extra safety benefit. Good for winter use as it will resist freezing, and it is probably the easiest locker to use with gloves on. Only negative with this carabiner is that for me it doesnt always replace a screwgate or other locking carabiners, and if a screwgate was rated medium for safety, the slider would probably rate a little lower.

      Good, but not sure I trust it on belay

      • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

      I haven't used this biner extensively, but when loaded with the gate facing to the right and using it with a grigri (with your right hand as your brake hand), when you try to take, and you pull the rope, it is possible that the grigri will slide onto the gate before the rope goes tight and this action could open the gate as the grigri is sliding in the direction of the latch opening action. If the gate is placed to the left, I think this risk is much lower, but I think I'll stick with my DMM Belay Master 2 for on belay.

      Where I think this biner will shine is if you have a questionable placement and want to use a locker below it for increased safety. I can clip a rope into this biner with one hand without significantly modifying my clipping technique (just takes a very slight sliding of the rope against the latch, hard to describe but very easy to do), and I don't see any way that the rope could activate the latch to open the biner once it is placed.

      New favorite Belay Biner

      • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

      This biner is super easy to use, and the anti-cross load gate is great!

      I used to use an ATC Guide with a BD Gridlock, but now I use the Elderid Mega Jul with this biner and I am SO MUCH HAPPIER.

      The 'biner has only opened whenever I want it to, and I've never had to fumble with it (except when I've had super sweaty hands after a terrifying climb or a nerve-racking belay).

      I also have every confidence that this would perform great in super dirty or icy conditions. I haven't used it with a normal tube-style device but I bet it'd be great there too!


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      Not big, not small!

      Not big, not small!

      Slider lock

      A view of how the slider locks into the nose.

      Slider lock

      Best locking mechanism available

      • Familiarity: I've used it several times

      I just got this biner because I wanted to check out the new Slider lock mechanism and boy does not not disappoint. It is incredibly simple to open and requires only the slightest change to your muscle memory for opening a gate. You can easily move the slider down and open the gate in one, single motion with either hand. It really does feel superior to screw locks, twist locks, or the BD magnetron locks, both in ease of use when you want to open it and safety when you don't.

      The mechanism works by having a small cut into the keylock nose. The slider has a spring that pushes it upward and it catches int the notch. Holding down the slider moves it out of he way of the notch in the nose and allows it to open. The mechanism is extremely low profile, to the point that it barely looks like a locker!

      Aside from that, the carabiner is not especially remarkable but is well built and fairly light. It has the retainer wire gate for preventing crossloading. The wire is very strong and secure. Another thing to consider is there is an upcoming carabiner called the HMS Slider Safelock which is similar to this, but uses a "safelock" mechanism in which the wire gate is positioned on the solid gate itself and prevents the spring from operating when the wiregate is in the closed position. This provides a double-action locking mechanism in that you must activate the slider and the wiregate to open the solid gate.

      Best locking mechanism available

      Just wanted to make a quick note about the HMS Slider Safelock that John mentioned -- the Safelock carabiner is not made for belaying. The safety gate is so high that it interferes with the wire on tubular belay devices. It's really meant for connecting the harness to ropes (like for mountaineering or top-roping).

      Otherwise, the Safelock is an extra safe locking mechanism like John says -- since it needs the wire and the lock to open at the same time.