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E100 Handlebar

You know what they always say: a gram lost prevents an ounce of pain. Well, no one actually says that, but anyone who's slogged up a double digit gradient for 10 miles on an overweight bike has thought it. The E100 Handlebar is Easton's effort to make good on that not-quite-axiom, taking advantage of the brand's 20+ years of carbon know-how to shed as many grams as possible. The E100 is Easton's lightest drop bar, weighing almost 20 claimed grams less than the previous leader, the EC90 SLX and 42g less than the EC70 bar, which is a staple option for carbon cockpits.

Despite those dropped grams, the E100 still meets the standards for abuse and fatigue that Easton holds for all of its bars, even the burly aluminum gravel bike models. The bar also doesn't shed comfortable hand positioning to drop grams, as it's still built with Easton's Maximum Contact Drop (MCD) design, a proprietary version of shallow ergo drops that expands hand positioning options while still allowing a relative slammed position. After all, we spend a lot of times in the hoods these days, so the deep, sweeping drops of years past are less convenient for cyclists who appreciate form but demand function.

  • Easton's lightest drop bar for racing and serious training
  • Carbon construction doesn't sacrifice strength for lost grams
  • Ergo drops provide multiple confident hand positions
  • Shorter, shallower design accommodates today's longer hoods
  • Represents the culmination of Easton's 20+ years of carbon experience
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