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  • DMM - Revolver Carabiner - One Color
  • DMM - Revolver Carabiner - One Color
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DMM Revolver Carabiner

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Item #DMM0002



Tech Specs

Gate Type:
Major Axis Strength:
24 kN
Minor Axis Strength:
7 kN
Open Gate Strength:
9 kN
Claimed Weight:
1.8 oz
Recommended Use:
sport climbing
Manufacturer Warranty:
1 year

Rope drag sucks. Help your climbs go more smoothly with the DMM Revolver Carabiner.

A small pulley in the basket end the DMM Revolver Carabiner reduces friction as your rope runs through it. This means that you won't feel like you're dragging a tug boat line as you're making the last few moves on your rope-stretching project. The Revolver Carabiner can also be used for light hauling and rescues, making it a versatile addition to any climber's rack.

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Great product

    I have purchased from this company before. Love the DMM quick revolver. Great product, great turn around time. Only disappointed that the 5 quick links I ordered were all thrown in a big box without paper stuffing to keep them from banging around on one another during shipping. I don't let my hardware get banged around. Somebody got lazy on the shipping end. Otherwise great experience.

    3:1 pulley

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Works very well in a crevasse resque system, at almost no weight penalty. I much prefer to use the non locking version as the gate on the locker is quite small. I use a Minitraction on a master locking carabiner as first pulley, and as many Revolvers as I need to get a mechanical advantage. If the non lockers fail, it will only slip for the lenght of the pulley system or the Mini will catch it before that even. The revolver works better than a Petzl Ultraleggera because the rope can't miss the pulley, it's lighter than a Grivel Roller and much easier to rig than a separate pulley. They are pretty strong, and work ok as a normal carabiner.
    Only dislikes,: it doesn't fit a Ropeman or Tiblock very well so I need to carry an extra carabiner for that or use a prussik instead. Also, two Revolvers on a single point don't really work well, so you have to extend one or the ropes will drag. For these reasons I've stopped using Ropemans as it's easier and lighter to do this on a prussik

    Crevasse Rescue

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    Great piece to have in your crevasse rescue setup. Pair this with a self cleaning pulley and you will have your partner/gear hauled in no time.


      As a High-rise window washer i use the "DMM" for pulling myself under over-hangs of building, 6',8', 12' over-hangs it doesn't matter it makes it alot easier when i'm redirecting my self under these conditions. I'm buying 6 more.

      Versatile biner I never knew I needed

        This biner really does reduce friction on wandering pitches and I've used it far more than I ever expected to. Now that it's available in a locker, it's also a nice addition to a glacier kit as an emergency pulley. That being said, if you're really planning to use a pulley, you'd best stick with a dedicated device.

        Yup, these work wonders to reduce rope drag. I always carry at least one of them on a quick draw or alpine runner. Always used just before a traverse.

        how well will this hold up to water over...

        how well will this hold up to water over time? i'm thinking of using it for river rescue (z-drag) and keeping it in my pfd where it would get wet all the time

        Best Answer

        I think it will hold up well, as long as you are in fresh water. Also, check it regularly and if needed, throw some bike chain lube on it to keep it rolling smoothly.

        Great for glacier travel and z/c pulley sysytems

          I have used these for crevasse rescue and they lower the resistance quite a bit when pulling using the Z / C systems. I think I read where they can reduce resistance 25-40 % vs. standard carabiners in that capacity.