The best of both worlds.

Thanks to the Dainese Women's Soft Flex Hybrid, you get the protection you need without compromising your mobility. Constructed with both hardshell protection and softshell breathability, the Soft Flex Hybrid is a protective vest that's designed specifically for skiing or snowboarding. The Crash Absorb memory foam is highly flexible for unimpeded mobility and adapts to your shape and movement, while the rigid spinal plates safeguard sensitive areas that can't afford to be damaged. Additionally, the two overlapping layers of Crash Absorb are free to move independently of the other which offers an anatomically inspired fit to your spine.

  • A protective hybrid vest for skiing or snowboarding
  • Crash Absorb memory foam offers unimpeded mobility
  • Independent layers of memory foam adapt to spine
  • Rigid spinal plates safeguard vitals
  • Flex Technology defends back
  • Durable mesh provides breathability
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