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Simple and alluring, the unique design of the Crank Brothers Zinc 3 Wheelset focuses on strength, stiffness, and acceleration to give you elite-level performance on gravel or cross country rides. Crafted from 6061T-6 aluminum, the Zinc 3 delivers an ideal strength-to-weight ratio to handle the demands of varying terrain, from gravel to pavement, while the tubeless-ready design ensures a stronger ride with no rim tape required. And its 21mm internal width is ideal for tires 35mm and up, which makes for the perfect partner on gravel without the usual susceptibility of deforming rubber into a bulbous shape and exposing sidewalls to slashes and accidental burps.

One of the most striking features is the twinspoke design, which actually threads two separate pieces together and uses a triangular structure to increase overall stiffness and strength. To break this concept down for those not well-versed in engineering principles, triangles are regularly employed on bridges and overhanging structures due to their load-bearing ability. So, translating this into the ride characteristics of the Zinc 3, the triangular design provides you with a substantial increase in stiffness and response when compared to flimsier stock wheels. Not only does this design make things stiffer, but it also places the spoke's overall mass closer to the wheel's center for quick acceleration when you're climbing and bursting out of corners. Plus, the single spoke length makes it easy to true and replacement a breeze without even having to remove the tire.

  • Uniquely-designed wheel for gravel and XC riding
  • Light aluminum with steel spokes for strength without bulk
  • Low rotational inertia helps you accelerate faster
  • Triangle shape maximizes strength and stiffness
  • Hole-less design for tubeless setups
  • Easy to true and replace spokes without removing tire
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Great Riding

    Great Riding !
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    great riding and gorgeous

      I tried on the road and on the gravel, exceptional wheels, super reactive and solid among rocks. It makes my stigmata even more beautiful though...