Craft Warm Underpant Bottom - Men's
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Not warm

  • Size Bought: XL

I was wondering why I would occasionally feel bursts of cold air against my skin in spots. If you put your finger behind the fabric; you cannot see your finger; however, if you then press your finger against the fabric and stretch the fabric; then you do see your finger and you see spaces between the fibers. These underpants fit like tights; very snugly. When I would move and thus, stretch the fabric I would feel a burst of cold air against my skin in an odd, filtered, way in the spot where I was flexing the fabric. I wore these in 45-degree weather. I was not cold, but I was not warm, and not as warm as my lightweight 100% cotton thermals; and the cold bursts were annoying. The thermals look nice and are well made as far as making tights go. I do not recommend them for a cold day. If you have never worn tights; they are not uncomfortable, but not as comfortable as non-form-fitting thermals. If you have a great body and are planning to walk around the house in these to impress someone; then the form-fitting look nice. Otherwise; you are better off buying non-form-fitting.