Stay cool and collected.

In the ongoing debate between baselayer and no baselayer, the Craft Competitive Cyclist Men's Sleeveless COOL Mesh Superlight Base Layer wins out as the go-to option for those days when you just want a little bit more than a jersey up top out on the road with a dash of Competitive Cyclist flair.

Made from Craft's lightweight C017 mesh fabric, this baselayer features a large-holed mesh woven with hexachannel fiber that whisks moisture away to keep you cool while providing just a hint of insulation to fend off early fall breezes. C017 also boasts exceptional elasticity for a body-hugging fit that won't constrict or pinch and stays smooth under your jersey for clean, crisp fabric lines. Strategic paneling takes advantage of these properties to provide a fit that feels nearly custom as you zip up and clip in for the ride.

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